About Gator!

The Horse


Gator is a 16.2 hand, dark brown Thoroughbred with a passion for Granny Smith apples and peppermints. Since adopting owner Suzanne McGovern, he has lived on a happy horse farm in Dutchess County, NY. Now retired, Gator spends his days perfecting a repertoire of funny tricks (including his trademark smile) and spending quality time with his pasture pals.


The Author

Suzanne McGovern

Gator’s Gang!™ is the brainchild of author Suzanne McGovern. Born of a passion for horses, reading and writing, Gator was inspired by a long-awaited childhood dream come true – her very own first horse. Today, Suzanne spends every spare moment “horsing around” with her equine friends in the rolling hills of Dutchess County, NY.


The Illustrator

Donna Bizjak

Donna Bizjak and husband Frank share their Ohio family farm with three horses (including Quarter Horse, Q, pictured here), a pony and barn cats named Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. This cast of characters, along with four grandchildren, provide ample inspiration for Donna’s favorite subjects -- kids and animals.